You missed the boat, see you next year!

Sealift graphic

You understand the basics, and we work out the details.

1. Shop and Pay: Enjoy hundreds of common sealift items at, Northern Shopper's sealift-only website.

2. Add Products and Services: Order online at your favorite shops and set the delivery address to the Northern Shopper Warehouse. We will add the items to your sealift order. You can also request pickup or procurement services to find the things you need for your sealift.

3. Complete Payment for Shipping: The cost of maritime shipping can only be calculated once your order is physically complete in our warehouse. We will measure and weigh the completed order and send an invoice for maritime shipping.

4. Unpack and Inspect: When your order arrives in your driveway or on the beach, get out your tin snips! Crack the strap and get unpacking. If you see any damages, take photos and let us know right away.