Shopping & Procurement

Yes, of course. Please deliver Monday to Friday between 9:00 - 16:00 or by Appointment. Sorry, no Sundays, or after 16:00. Saturdays by special appointment only.

Delivery Address (For Online Orders and Customer Drop-offs):
Customer Name c/o Northern Shopper
46 Antares Drive, Unit 1, Nepean, ON, K2E7Z1

Yes of course. Ship to:

Client Name c/o Northern Shopper
46 Antares Drive Unit 1
Ottawa, ON, K2E7Z1

Never ship us Dangerous Goods without forewarning us. Dangerous Goods are things like batteries, strong chemicals, compressed gases, ammunitions/explosives or things that can go boom.

We provide a catalogue from Costco. Feel free to shop around our store to discover all our products.

We do ship alcohol.

Please place your order online at LCBO.com, using 1980 Bank St. Ottawa as the pickup location.

Please contact us to find out who to put down as the pickup person.

Note, you must email (sealift@thenorthernshopper.com) or text (867-222-4784)a valid government ID showing you are 19+. You must also email or text a photo of your valid permit.

There are other sealift procurement companies that do this better than us. We will be happy to recommend someone who can take care of your lumber needs and we would love the opportunity to be able to take care of your non-lumber needs. Of course, if it is just a small list for a DIY project, we are more than happy to supply this lumber for you.

Payment & Refunds

We require 100% of the estimated cost of products that we must purchase for you, before beginning your lift.

We accept interac e-transfer, Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Cheque, and EFT. The only form of payment we do not accept is cash. All invoices are in Canadian Dollars and shall be paid in Canadian Dollars. We also accept payment plans in some circumstances. Please enquire prior to paying the deposit.

We guarantee the enjoyment of at least some of the BBD. Please consult the Damage Claims Section of your Sealift Contract. Note, Best Before Dates are not Expiration Dates. Best Before Dates are dates that food manufacturers guarantee the perfect taste and texture. After the Best Before Date has passed, the products may begin to lose their taste, or the taste and texture may change, but the product is not necessarily expired. Most products continue to be enjoyable well past their Best Before Date. However, baby formula and medicines do have a stated Expiration Date and should not be used past that date.

We will guarantee 3 months or more remaining on the Best Before date.

We do have a special rate for not-for-profit groups. Please contact us directly to discuss your project.

Customer Support

If you are having issues placing your order, please contact our team at sealift@thenorthernshopper.com or call 613-224-1549 between Monday and Friday, 9am to 4pm (we are closed for all Stat holidays)