Schedule A Northern Shopper Sealift Fee Schedule

Service Description Price
Northern Shopper Products Items available from Northern Shopper through or by quotation
No additional surcharge on product cost.
Procurement Services Procurement of general merchandise on behalf of clients;
ex. Furniture, appliances, other equipment
14% surcharge on product cost
Northern Shopper Pickup A Pickup of customer purchases using car or minivan $49.00/hr (minimum 0.5hr)
plus $0.60 per km
Northern Shopper Pickup B Pickup of customer purchases using cargo van or cube
$49.00/hr (minimum 1.0hr)
plus $1.45 per km
Northern Shopper
Receive Customer purchases $0.30 per kg
Northern Shopper Repack Repack customer purchases to protect during transit
(item not purchased from Northern Shopper)
Loose items, $5.00 per box
Large items, $20.00 per cubic meter.
Northern Shopper Storage If customer purchases received prior to the month that
the goods are due at the Maritime Shipper
$9.75/week, per pallet (4’x4’)
Dangerous Goods Packaging Third party Dangerous Goods processing by PREP
Services International
Minimum $140
plus $10 per repack. By quote.
Failure to Declare Dangerous Goods Please consult the section on common dangerous goods $90.00 penalty
NorShopBox Rental Crate (Iqaluit) Rental Crate Delivered to your Driveway in Iqaluit only.
Crate is constructed of weatherproofed triple wall
cardboard, plastic base and lid, metal tamper-proof
strapping, and shipped inside a community seacan.
Crate must be returned or a $184.14 deposit will be
surrendered Delivery Agents cannot enter your home
or business during pandemic. No Exceptions.
$640.00 per 1.42 cubic
meter or per 568 kg.
Community Seacan LOOSE cargo (Iqaluit) All-inclusive transportation to your driveway –
loose cargo only. Delivery Agents cannot enter your home
during pandemic. No exceptions.
Greater of $399.00 per
cubic meter or $1.20 per
kg. $50 minimum.
Transportation to NSSI (Loose cargo
sent for crating or stuffing in containers)
Transportation from Northern Shopper warehouse to Maritime Shipper (NEAS or NSSI) $59.00 per pallet (4’x4’)
Oversized Cargo Transportation to Port Such as building materials and machinery Please enquire
Maritime Shipping Rate to Iqaluit
(Required with NEAS-built Crates)
From Becancour, Quebec to Iqaluit, Nunavut. See for all other community shipping rates.
Greater of $110.92 per
cubic meter or per 400 kg.
See for more community rates
NEAS Crating Traditional Plywood Crate, custom size $235.04 per Cubic Meter
Local Delivery Delivery of your NEAS or NSSI crate(s) from the beach
to your door
Please arrange with a local
service provider like R.L.
Vehicle Transportation Ottawa to NEAS, Becancour, QC (8 hr round trip)
Ottawa to NSSI, Ste Catherine, QC (6 hr round trip)
$800.00 per vehicle
$600.00 per vehicle
Order Cancellation In the event of a contract cancellation after work any
portion of work has been completed
Standard Fee on all
services rendered to date
Terms Due on receipt of invoice 0.5% per week (29.609%
per annum) thereafter